What is Sketchy Tuesday?


The Short story

Sketchy Tuesday is an urban sketching adventure. Gather with a group of architects, sketchers, designers and enthusiasts every Tuesday in September at noon to sketch the city and meet a creative community.

Grab your own lunch, sketchbook and drawing utensil of choice and meet us at one of the following off-the-beaten-path locations around San Francisco. 

Share your sketches with the group on our website and Instagram by using the hashtag #SketchyTuesday or emailing your drawings to nicole@arterrasf.com.


The unabridged version

Keep the art of sketching alive, by joining us for the second year of Sketchy Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at noon in September, a group of sketchers, architects, landscape architects, designers and enthusiasts will be getting together to sketch.

Sketchy Tuesday was created by Landscape Designer Alyssa Erickson, who invited the Arterra team to go outside, get "lunch together and sketch our surroundings in sketch books." From our first outing to Del Popolo Pizza at the Front Cafe, we were hooked and Sketchy Tuesday quickly became an office tradition. We feel like the weekly sketching has improved our drawing skills and livened up our design process and we've looked forward to the weekly event so much that we wanted to share the idea. We've partnered with the AIASF for their annual festival Architecture and the City to bring this free event to the public every Tuesday in September.

So, grab your favorite lunch, sketchbook, pen/pencil/marker/carrot-dipped-in-ink and join us at one of the locations below!

Be sure to share your sketches by using the hashtag #SketchyTuesday on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or by emailing your drawings to nicole@arterrasf.com. (Let us know if you want your sketch to be posted without your name.)

Can't make it? Throw your own Sketchy Tuesday! Gather your colleagues, friends or take a moment for yourself and sketch! Stay in touch with your fellow sketchers on this website and by sharing your sketches. If you'd like us to include your event on the site, send your information to nicole@arterrasf.com

Where is Sketchy Tuesday?


SFMOMA. 12pm-1pm

151 3rd St, San Francisco (SOMA)

Join us for Architecture and the City's first 2016 Sketchy Tuesday at the new SFMOMA in one of their public spaces. We are very excited to collaborate with SFMOMA for this event, and to have the chance to sketch some of the incredible new architecture and public artwork.

We will meet at the amphitheater in the Roberts Family Gallery overlooking Richard Serra's Sequence

The gallery is easily accessed through SFMOMA's Howard Street Entrance, near 678 Howard Street.

Look for the Sketchy Tuesday team member with the blue parasol to show you the entrance.

Very important information about SFMOMA:

Food and drink are not allowed in the museum. Please plan on eating before or after. There are many great lunch spots right around the museum.

Pens are also not allowed, but pencils are fine. It will be fun to see everyone working in the same medium.

We will be meeting in public space, so no ticket to the museum is necessary. (Although a visit is highly recommended!)

SFMOMA is easily accessed from BART and Muni lines on Market Street.

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343 Sansome rooftop deck.  12PM-1PM

343 sansome st, San Francisco  (financial district)

Enter the lobby of 343 Sansome Street. Walk through the lobby to the elevator, and take the elevator to the 15th floor. You'll see us there on the roof garden, enjoying a spectacular view of the Transamerica Pyramid.

This location is in the center of the Financial District, so it's very accessible by transit, and has many lunch options nearby.

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855 TERRY A FRANCOIS BLVD, SAN FRANCISCO  (DOGPATCH. 37.763943, -122.386761)

This location has so much to sketch that we didn't get to it all last year, and thought we would do it again. 

At 855 Terry, you'll see the Ramp Restaurant. To the right of the restaurant, look for the Sketchy Tuesday team member with a blue parasol, who will be there to show you the path.

Just in case, here are some directions: To the right of the Ramp Restaurant is a public path. Take the path down to the waterfront, and look to the right, and you'll see an open area with tables.

We love The Ramp Restaurant for lunch, but it can be busy and there are limited other options in the area. You may want to pack food or pick something up along the way.

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A very special reception with arch drafting supply. 5:30pm-7:30PM

Arch's new home at 10 carolina st, san francisco

We are very excited to be part of welcoming ARCH Drafting Supply back to a permanent location.

ARCH, a distributor of architecture and art supplies, much beloved by the local design community for over 30 years, will welcome you to its new home, at a nearly invisible site in the center of The City.

Join us to celebrate, sketch and socialize with the one... the only... ARCH. 




heath ceramics.  12PM-1PM

2900 18th St, San Francisco (MIssion District)

Join us for a special collaboration with Heath Ceramics, at their Mission District location. Meet us in the Boiler Room, Heath's fabulous gallery space. There is plenty of seating, and you can try your hand at drawing the boilers or the striking beams and windows that define the space.

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Photos from past events


Dogpatch waterfront (2016)

343 sansome rooftop


One Kearny Roof Terrace

by the bay bridge

St. Mary's Square

Dogpatch Waterfront